RASH The Film  

RASH is a contemporary story of
modern urban Australia and the artists
who are making it a living host for
illegal artwork called ‘street art’.

This feature length documentary
explores the cultural value of
unsanctioned public art, and graffiti’s
contribution to public dialogue.



The RASH feature and extras are coming to Vimeo - Stay Tuned


Audio tracks: 2.0 Stereo
Language: English
Runtime: 73.0 minutes
Format: PAL DVD, All Regions
Classification: M
Adult Themes, Moderate coarse language

Special Features - Extras
1. Director & Artists Voice Over
2. Girls Do Street Art
3. Gallery VS Street
4. Drawing Room
5. Phibs
6. Urban Express – Short Film 2004
7. Shepard Fairey (Interview) OBEY GIANT USA
8. SCIEN (Interview), 123 Klan – France
9. RASH Trailer

Australian Buyers
For private home viewing use only.

International Buyers
For private home viewing use only.

Wholesale & Educational copies are available. Email:
Education information pack also available.

Closed Captions available.


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RASH film posters for sale  

Poster: Click to enlarge

RASH theatrical film poster
840 x 594mms, 150 gsm Stock, Machine Varnish

Design by Meggs with photos by N Hansen

RASH Film Poster
RASH Trailer
RASH News Flash

Watch RASH for free online at TheAge.tv
Available within Australia and New Zealand only

RASH Archival footage in Exit Through the Gift Shop

Street Art documentary Exit Through the Gift Shop
produced by U.K based KEO Films is being labelled a Banksy film.
This doco includes archival footage from RASH featuring the
artwork of Ash Keating, James Dodd, Michael Porter, Regan Tamanui,
Rone, SYNC, TOWER, Vexta

Congratulations to all the artists.
The film premiered at Sundance Film Festival on Sunday 24th January
and looks set to open in UK cinemas on 5 March 2010.


OBEY - Shepard Fairey Posters
, Exhibition
Canberra's National Portrait Gallery
18 September 2009 to 17th January 2010

Congratulations to Shepard Fairey
on his Obama poster series

Check out the RASH DVD extras
for a seventeen minute interview with Shepard.

7th February 2009
The Associated Press (AP) dispute copyright of Faireys image.
But was it fair(ey) use? Also Shepard Fairey Arrested In Boston.


Space Invaders
The National Gallery of Australia
Free screening:Sunday 21 November at 2.00 pm
Exhbition dates: 30 October 2010 – 27 February 2011 | Project Gallery,
NGA, Canberra, Australia

Stick it! Collage in Australian Art
The Ian Potter Centre: NGV Australia
Free screening 12.30pm Saturday 29 May 2010
Venue Theatre, NGV Australia
Federation Square, Corner of Russell St & Flinders St, Melbourne

Exhbition starts 19-Mar-2010 & ends 29-Aug-2010.

Open City - Lublin, Poland
16 July 2009
Festival of Art in Public Spaces

Screening: State Library of Victoria's Outside-In Cinema
Wed 13 May 2009, 6.30–8pm
Experimedia, 328 Swanston St,
Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

Bookings & Info (Its Free)

RASH screened at the Tate Modern in London
on the 17 August 2008
as a part of
the 'Street Art' exhibition
Two days of street art and graffiti documentaries
16 & 17 August 2008
(See flyer)

Free to air Australian broadcasts - ABC2
8:30pm Sunday, 18th May 2008 and on ABC1
3:00pm Sunday, 25th May 2008

USA Cable Channel - 2008

Nuart Festival in Norway
7th September 2007
RASH screens alongside Blek le Rat short films
Sixten is also heading to the festival

ABC2 Screenings
(ABC digital channel)
10:00pm Tuesday, 22 May 2007
9:55am Sunday, 27 May 2007

Australian TV Premiere
ABC TV Australia - broadcast of RASH the feature
2:00pm Sunday, April 23, 2006

RASH DVD Launch Friday March 31st 2006 at 5pm
Check out the ‘Battle of the Vans’ live painting event!

With ‘True Live’ DJ’s in full effect.
Car Park rear of 3PBS radio station.
Corner of Budd and Sackville Sts Collingwood, Melbourne.



Issue 7 Februray 2008
"RASH finds a groove when it's open minded politicians and culturally aware artists - Vexta, Lister, Psalm etc - voice justifiable rationales for the type of work they do".

Article on Melbourne Street Art, HAHA, RASH
New Zealand

May 2007

METRO Magazine
Issue #151 / January 2007
Rash: Street Art and Social Dialogue
Feature Article by Nicholas Hansen

INJEKTION. Campusmagazin (Hamburg, Germany)
Issue #3, Spring 2007

"RASH gives a voice to those, who wouldn't be heard otherwise
in a de-politisised media environment".
Jon Mendrala, Managing Editor

triple j jmag
SUMMER-07 Issue #6
This excellent documentary about the graffiti art movement
in Melbourne was recorded prior to the 2006 Commonwealth Games.
Reviewed by Megan Spencer


Megan Spencer and Zan Rowe - review & discuss Rash
Triple J Radio
Saturday Morning Show 26-08-06
'Megan does DVD and Rash...' podcast (mp3 5.9 MB

Acclaim Magazine - Issue June-August 2006
"It is this rare spotlight on this hidden subculture
that makes Rash so fascinating and potentially illuminating
to those who view graffiti artists as merely vandals."

Article by Saeed Saeed
Read the article posted to In The Mix - see link below

In The Mix
RASH - Spreading the Word
By Saed Saed, 26-07-06

In The Mix - DVD Review
Worth the effort for any Melburnian…
If you’re from out of town, scratch it and see?
By jeremyl, 04-07-06

EMPIRE Magazine
Melbourne, the new hub for alternative street art,
is the setting for this doco on visual vigilantism.
By Chris Murray June 2006

Filmink Magazine

Having A Spray
Hansen's gorgeous urban photography might have had something to do with it too. Combined with his unlimited access to the main players of the street art game (who appear in an array of masks and disguises to protect their identities) the documentary makes for good viewing.
By Billy Baxter June 2006

The Age
This fresh documentary explores Melbourne's flourishing graffiti subculture.
By Sacha Molitorisz, 23-04-06

The Age
Stop, or I'll shoot
Operating on the margins is a job description for the new wave of documentary makers.
By Paul Kalina, 20-04-06

The Bulletin with Newsweek Magazine
"Melbourne has become a world leader in street art. It's this intriguing scene
Nicholas Hansen dissects in his informative documentary Rash.
By Craig Matheison 18-04-06

Beat Magazine 05-04-06
Scratch It And It Spreads

INTERVIEW - Triple J Morning Show
'Rash: Scratch it and it spreads' podcast (mp3 2.7 MB
Zan Rowe, 27-03-06

Future Movies reviews the
The London Australian Film Festival 2006

REVIEW - RealTime Arts February / March 06
'Making art of graffiti'

Poster: Click to enlarge

Speaking on panel The Future of Street Art. Documentation vs. Ephemeral
@CockatooIsland Syd Sunday 20th Nov 2011 3-4.30pm

International Design Week
Conference Melbourne 1st - 5th April 2007
International Design Forum

DOCNZ International Documentary Film festival

Auckland Screening Dates

8th September, 8.55pm at Rialto Newmarket
14th September, 8.20pm at Rialto Newmarket
The festival will be held from 7 September – 29 October 2006

The 12th London Australian Film Festival

DOCHOUSE Program Notes
Festival Tour April - June 2006
to: Dublin (article), Manchester, Sheffield,
Edinburgh, Cambridge, Mold and Belfast

10:00pm 7th June
Screening at 3001 Kino
, Germany

4.00pm 7th May 2006 - Cornerhouse
Commonwealth Film Festival
Manchester, UK. Details


8.00pm 16th April 2006 & 6pm 17th April 2006
Rhythm Of The Line

International Graffiti and Hip Hop Festival Berlin
Berlin, Germany.

7.00pm Wednesday 8th March 2006
The 12th London Australian Film Festival
The Barbican Centre London - UK

5.00pm Saturday March 4th 2006
Adelaide Arts Festival

Mercury Cinema, Adelaide
Includes Q&A with the Director and graffiti artists KAB101 and Kano.


Film Critics Circle Of Australia

On the 12th November 2005 RASH was awarded the prize for
Best Australian Documentary

by the Film Critics Circle of Australia
in their 2005 annual awards for Australian Film.
FCCA is a member of FIPRESCI the International Federation of Film Critics
Press Release


RASH has been nominated for the Film Critics Circle of Australia Awards
(FCCA) in the 'Best Feature Documentary' category.
The Awards are to be held in Melbourne on 12 November 2005.
Press Release



"Against a pulsating soundtrack by True Live’s Ryan Ritchie, the graffiti artists’ poetic brilliance is passionately uncovered by director Nicholas Hansen who exposes the talent and wealth of key players in Melbourne’s street art scene." Future Movies reviews the The London Australian Film Festival 2006

”..it really opened up many peoples’ eyes as to the thought, planning, creativity, and vision that underpins a large percentage of street art.”
Dr Cameron Cartiere, Birkbeck College London

It was great to see a classy, non-formulaic Aussie documentary film’
Dennis O’Rourke, Documentary Filmmaker

With the wonderful tagline "Scratch it and it spreads", Rash was one of the audience favourites at last year's Melbourne International Film Festival. Deservedly so.
Sacha Molitorisz, Rash, April 23, 2006, The Age TV Guide

It is a smart, instructive, funny, finger-on-the-pulse documentary about Melbourne's thriving, though much-disdained, street art culture.
Paul Kalina, Stop, or I'll shoot The Age Green Guide, 20-04-06

"Director Nicholas Hansen assigns his camera to the city’s abandoned corners and most high-profile spaces, showcasing the poetic brilliance of its young graffiti artists.."
DOCHOUSE, The London Australian Film Festival 2006 Program Notes

"If you know Melbourne, you might recognize tags and styles in this literally awesome film
about the contemporary urban expression born of rebellion..."
Independent Cinema Office 04/06

"Smart, savvy and to the point."
Tom Ryan, film critic The Sunday Age

If you’ve not been impressed by contemporary graffiti art, Rash just might convert you.
RealTime Arts Magazine, February / March 2006

“Rash is full of visual delight. Hansen takes his camera down alleyways and into railway
over-passes to reveal the city’s street art in all its shadowy nocturnal glory.”

Sun Herald, July 27th 2005, Writer - Richard Moore

“graffiti and street art has rarely been looked at from the perspective that this film offers.
Rash is an unashamed celebration of the spirit of rebellion and invention that animates the work.”
Melbourne Film Festival 2005 – Nick Feik, MIFF festival program guide

"Rash is an articulate and cheeky local intervention…. Rash makes us believe in graffiti art,
and an earlier situationist project to “imagine the impossible.”
Screenhub Online Film News Australia August 29th 2005, Writer – Carmela Baranowska

“This documentary generates a real buzz about a phenomenon which has grown in Melbourne
in recent years.”

Anna Reeves – Fitzroy Shorts

The film “offers an intriguing glimpse into a vibrant and occasionally pretentious subculture”
The Age August 2nd 2005, Writer - Adrian Martin


RASH voted 2nd most popular Documentary at MIFF 2005

MIFF 2005 Audience poll results
10 Most Popular Documentaries

1. Punk: Attitude Don Letts (UK)
2. Rash Nicholas Hansen (Australia)
3. Shake Hands With The Devil: The Journey Of Romeo Dallaire Peter Raymont(Canada)
4. Enron:The Smartest Guys In The Room Alex Gibney (USA)
5. Girl In A Mirror Kathy Drayton (Australia)


RASH screened to a sold out Greater Union Cinema
last night for its final MIFF screening.


The second and last RASH screening at MIFF is
Tuesday 02 August 9.00pm
Greater Union Cinema, 131 Russell St Melbourne
Bookings can be made via



RASH the feature documentary has been invited
to World Premiere at the
54th Melbourne International Film Festival
Screening Dates:
Thursday 21st July 7.00pm and
Tuesday 2 August 9:00pm,
Greater Union Cinema, 131 Russell St Melbourne
Bookings can be made via
(Stay tuned for the online program)

If you would like to be sent news of further screenings

A Rash of Graffiti

RASH the documentary film is complete!

With thanks to all the artists,
crew, musicians and post production people
who helped bring RASH the film to completion!

Also a big shout out to David Hooke for the RASH poster design

Rash Screens Banner

To hear more about Mutiny Media's latest documentary
Breaking The News
, you can follow them on Twitter
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